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IP Address:​
Previously Malicious

This IP address attempted an attack on a machine protected by Guardicore Centra

Threat Information



Services Targeted



HTTP HadoopYARN Malicious File IDS - Web Application Attack Port 23 Scan Outgoing Connection Download and Allow Execution Download and Execute Access Suspicious Domain Download File Inbound HTTP Request

Connect Back Servers

aruba.it arubacloud.de

Basic Information

IP Address




Digital Ocean


United States


Created Date


Updated Date




First seen in Guardicore Centra


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What is Guardicore Centra
Guardicore Centra is a data center and cloud security solution that protects the organization's core assets, using flexible, quickly deployed and easy to understand micro-segmentation controls. Centra generates in-context security incidents, with details on attacker tools and techniques, that help IR teams prioritize incident investigation and reduce dwell time. Learn More

Attack Flow

Process /usr/bin/wget generated outgoing network traffic to: arubacloud.de:80

Outgoing Connection

Process /usr/bin/wget attempted to access suspicious domains: arubacloud.de

Access Suspicious Domain Outgoing Connection

IDS detected Web Application Attack : 401TRG Generic Webshell Request - POST with wget in body

IDS - Web Application Attack

The file /tmp/x86 was downloaded and executed 481 times

Download and Execute

Process /tmp/x86 generated outgoing network traffic to: arubacloud.de:6667

Outgoing Connection

Process /tmp/x86 attempted to access suspicious domains: arubacloud.de

Access Suspicious Domain Outgoing Connection

Process /tmp/x86 generated outgoing network traffic to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ask4internet.com:23,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Process /tmp/x86 scanned port 23 on 98 IP Addresses

Port 23 Scan

Connection was closed due to timeout

/tmp/x86 was identified as malicious by YARA according to rules: Antidebug Antivm, Suspicious Strings and 000 Common Rules

Malicious File

Associated Files


SHA256: 7dc5a02722f1664c3934ffe75edeec784548f99409d6d9bc2cf1bddab90c9ed6

11679 bytes


SHA256: b69b05aa76da00bef747f31afc6235bda821668879eec29b4f5d476471e3abbe

1055 bytes


SHA256: 4cb47e4f97ff2c8cbc80ca218eebaefad51ddc3e8007c7ae4dbff9efec30ac2b

28943 bytes


SHA256: c96e84d59b5f4d143d69b238b06ba2a5f50ae29083704e108353f337ef03c5c8

88296 bytes


SHA256: 281ef457714f091d423619614caa46273be756476f7da50a4d332130e315dc96

86045 bytes


SHA256: 67522ba4a5b414c592dd8c2b8cb9da8250090a90bd64fa115d812025c803d87b

153877 bytes


SHA256: d0c83fe913897669e521e88f8398e9aedc7eb29dd08b16546eac16a243dc7057

11677 bytes


SHA256: 6fe642115b9e9e69b63af631f472932299c14c541a6c55d2ab0ed2a64597690d

27613 bytes


SHA256: b7cbedd01a5f82086f8f046a3994dd3c922538a3c4d898ee4efc3e50643596f8

94013 bytes

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