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Previously Malicious

This IP address attempted an attack on a machine protected by Guardicore Centra

Threat Information



Services Targeted



IDS - Web Application Attack Inbound HTTP Request Download and Execute Access Suspicious Domain Download and Allow Execution Outgoing Connection

Connect Back Servers


Basic Information

IP Address




KV Solutions B.V.




Created Date


Updated Date




First seen in Guardicore Centra


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What is Guardicore Centra
Guardicore Centra is a data center and cloud security solution that protects the organization's core assets, using flexible, quickly deployed and easy to understand micro-segmentation controls. Centra generates in-context security incidents, with details on attacker tools and techniques, that help IR teams prioritize incident investigation and reduce dwell time. Learn More

Attack Flow

Process /usr/bin/wget generated outgoing network traffic to:

Outgoing Connection

The file /tmp/gay1 was downloaded and granted execution privileges

Download and Allow Execution

The file /tmp/gay2 was downloaded and granted execution privileges

Download and Allow Execution

Process /tmp/gay generated outgoing network traffic to:

Outgoing Connection

The file /tmp/gay was downloaded and executed

Download and Execute

IDS detected Web Application Attack : 401TRG Generic Webshell Request - POST with wget in body

IDS - Web Application Attack

The file /tmp/.mingetty was downloaded and executed 7 times

Download and Execute

Process /tmp/.mingetty generated outgoing network traffic to:

Outgoing Connection

Process /tmp/.mingetty attempted to access suspicious domains: ip-149-56-78.net

Access Suspicious Domain Outgoing Connection

Connection was closed due to user inactivity

Associated Files


SHA256: 5e0af822ec530e96c8af1b30a799d4fe9eaf3164f7673db82160264a04c101b8

31504 bytes


SHA256: 88206d4d6c80ed8d56ca91f29ec53dfe0dab9309338df235f50d9d3f58fb45ef

10673 bytes


SHA256: db2a704128340cfd4a1d2bb4b9274c93d49cbbc852137263e6c932cfeb10c2ef

4032648 bytes


SHA256: b3bc1638b656a693995b67df065399a4b1e0f0ddf5013ec8c724887f970a2dcd

10529 bytes


SHA256: b75e3c99eb5a4c707749df70eae6ff95cea4edc2fd7b98bc8f87bdcac50cfc26

33936 bytes


SHA256: 6f3a3bba78b20aebcf9da78ea71fef292b730f39ad78c5fcc4157619b6624c23

104349 bytes


SHA256: d14edc1d49efc64386c025e74396993d67a87df2c4b8228e1bd99cbbfb644c57

10673 bytes


SHA256: 367b7c716acfcdb89a5ff5b96eec342f34c87b5442a69244ed001beee9b64594

33776 bytes


SHA256: 6e82aabd3ebee3ce8f97a62301e04525b6d1e4be42476c9207f5286c97c05a1c

39568 bytes


SHA256: 3f92c77eecbae2270af8542fde320325c8b748409a8e588ba97df63bfd770f9e

38064 bytes


SHA256: 6ff793ab1f4cad90ae0899fd4fb4f8e8ac416b2931d26760107afdad2584ef58

102687 bytes


SHA256: d179b80ad21b391319414ebf7109bc15880192304ea7db64df1639f1220f4f61

11677 bytes


SHA256: ae6ce37436b764f53a002b51bf945065d19e67a2511d419ea5ba856ff7a28057

51517 bytes


SHA256: 56b23309c0db8a4b7ac92cb75bc6deb960631ad58c7278396042ee3b810adf41

54173 bytes


SHA256: f95a012214e5208f056ff270823331775c3e9c30c860423cd4aa5a28968af929

44877 bytes


SHA256: 9910ec84152e6a12d2e4c9c917414a38fa825f1eb9a445bf51852e92f9077d4a

71437 bytes


SHA256: 488dea15c58c73d9c44d68d600b6d4719eea6f3be3e97698f3e1b4d414478568

27613 bytes


SHA256: b64658b2c9cf306c941bda9abb93e655ee6be65072234296ea15fe1c96bdd07f

48861 bytes


SHA256: 5a7c77744ff8b705cab92a5aae095bd6718586217d6a574501d773856c3c12da

103228 bytes


SHA256: 48f199c2ac949c1f55f50f0adc0d7fdbd12ef474a1003b61b242bae140995658

105403 bytes


SHA256: 9b2438485a1c6ebf5ebb07382880194640eafde38508510286f877b7072752bf

52845 bytes


SHA256: e9831308318dea8a42c03d7700701f4daf6367e30c06c5ef9de6544d055a0e61

104349 bytes


SHA256: 4aac4f052c3b91216b882dd1cd758ebf7baf37432b838af9b095467cc311e0c2

104349 bytes


SHA256: 9a53b038b992ac4e3d5f3b06452e31742aff3b82d5e531a2c09e91343bdc0d36

63469 bytes


SHA256: d87003b8eeaa9c7ad613d8ae859611a2c3d8fbf03b2b68c4db15574db2402845

104349 bytes


SHA256: 46b4a3640594e19672c3b5479ad1bd89d308646a378f6a5e5e33e4a0567b3124

60813 bytes

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