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This IP address attempted an attack on a machine protected by Guardicore Centra

Threat Information


Attacker, Scanner

Services Targeted



IDS - A Network Trojan was detected SCP System File Modification Executable File Modification Download File Service Configuration SSH Scheduled Task Creation Outgoing Connection Access Suspicious Domain Successful SSH Login 43 Shell Commands Download and Execute

Associated Attack Servers

ip-37-59-44.eu ip-37-187-154.eu ip-37-59-54.eu ip-51-81-245.us ip-139-99-120.net ip-158-69-25.net ip-167-114-210.net your-server.de ip-139-99-62.net

Basic Information

IP Address




TerraTransit AG




Created Date


Updated Date




First seen in Guardicore Centra


Last seen in Guardicore Centra


What is Guardicore Centra
Guardicore Centra is a data center and cloud security solution that protects the organization's core assets, using flexible, quickly deployed and easy to understand micro-segmentation controls. Centra generates in-context security incidents, with details on attacker tools and techniques, that help IR teams prioritize incident investigation and reduce dwell time. Learn More

Attack Flow

A user logged in using SSH with the following credentials: root / **** - Authentication policy: White List

Successful SSH Login

/bin/50vvypj6rnsh4dcr6xo7ogl7p8 was downloaded

Download File

Executable file /bin/50vvypj6rnsh4dcr6xo7ogl7p8 was modified

Executable File Modification

Executable file /bin/dhpcd was modified 36 times

Executable File Modification

IDS detected A Network Trojan was detected : DNS request for Monero mining pool

IDS - A Network Trojan was detected

The file /bin/dhpcd was downloaded and executed 15 times

Download and Execute

Process /usr/sbin/sshd generated outgoing network traffic to:,, and

Outgoing Connection

Process /usr/sbin/sshd attempted to access suspicious domains: ip-139-99-120.net

Access Suspicious Domain Outgoing Connection

System file /etc/nshadow was modified 9 times

System File Modification

/dev/shm/50vvypj6rnsh4dcr6xo7ogl7p8 was downloaded

Download File

/dev/shm/knrm was downloaded

Download File

/dev/shm/r was downloaded

Download File

/bin/dhpcd was downloaded

Download File

/etc/rc.d/rc.local was downloaded

Download File

/etc/rc.local was downloaded 2 times

Download File

/etc/rc.local was downloaded

Download File

Connection was closed due to user inactivity

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