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IP Address:​
Previously Malicious

This IP address attempted an attack on a machine protected by Guardicore Centra

Threat Information


Attacker, Scanner

Services Targeted



HTTP HadoopYARN Malicious File IDS - Web Application Attack Outgoing Connection Download and Allow Execution Download and Execute Download File Inbound HTTP Request

Associated Attack Servers

aruba.it forpsi.net

Basic Information

IP Address




Aruba S.p.A.




Created Date


Updated Date




First seen in Guardicore Centra


Last seen in Guardicore Centra


What is Guardicore Centra
Guardicore Centra is a data center and cloud security solution that protects the organization's core assets, using flexible, quickly deployed and easy to understand micro-segmentation controls. Centra generates in-context security incidents, with details on attacker tools and techniques, that help IR teams prioritize incident investigation and reduce dwell time. Learn More

Attack Flow

Process /usr/bin/wget generated outgoing network traffic to: 3 times

Outgoing Connection

/tmp/n was downloaded

Download File

The file /tmp/yeet was downloaded and executed 5 times

Download and Execute

Process /tmp/yeet generated outgoing network traffic to:

Outgoing Connection

The file /tmp/yeet2 was downloaded and executed 4 times

Download and Execute

IDS detected Web Application Attack : 401TRG Generic Webshell Request - POST with wget in body

IDS - Web Application Attack

Connection was closed due to user inactivity

/tmp/yeet2 was identified as malicious by YARA according to rules: Suspicious Strings and 000 Common Rules

Malicious File

/tmp/yeet was identified as malicious by YARA according to rules: Maldoc Somerules, Suspicious Strings and 000 Common Rules

Malicious File

Associated Files


SHA256: bed8aab405b6f59ec88224899a2e511a1915d77f8b0d22fb2f44b514d5dadb6d

82750 bytes


SHA256: 1d73f98a382494b064f49de9f3e0b2564c25a88c0d9855130335eca4e2f097d8

72363 bytes


SHA256: 7aed3acb3c41623e1fc43597905936c1d6b81e2d110abc7e423c6804733c096c

82750 bytes


SHA256: 7d120644d15b37e27a47f410edfaf07a10a520176e20e5649fadfed6ec4fb970

46206 bytes


SHA256: 2ce8b1bfaa885b38521bf90dacd8c0241848330eb84294cc2a7c7eab119adbf5

78078 bytes


SHA256: 29e7863fd6ec711133ba3d251ca56220c715099ff30508c66879ed2cedff1151

52846 bytes


SHA256: a794132ff617bfae727a9c1865be14634584e30cfbb83d37f3a590d84ef0cc69

82750 bytes


SHA256: 5d7516f1b3689507382d0090f842d34584bf3aea80e1b6e33aad88cf7e592fc5

62572 bytes


SHA256: a1fecf4c908baa28cdfb0e27e97606e430224276d3881d60bc425550d3c7523c

67480 bytes

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IP Address:​Previously Malicious